Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Philosophy and Biography

If you want to apply bio-bibliographical criteria to me, I confess I
wrote my first book fairly early on, and then produced nothing more
for eight years. I know what I was doing, where and how I lived dur­
ing those years, but I know it only abstractly, rather as if someone else
was relating memories that I believe but don't really have. It's like a
hole in my life, an eight-year hole. That's what I fnd interesting in
people's lives, the holes, the gaps, sometimes dramatic, but some­
times not dramatic at all. There are catalepsies, or a kind of sleep
walking through a number of years, in most lives. Maybe it's in these
holes that movement takes place. Because the real question is how to
make a move, how to get through the wall, so you don't keep on bang­
ing your head against it. Maybe by not moving around too much, not
talking too much, avoiding false moves, staying in places devoid of
memory. There's a fne short story by Fitzgerald, in which someone's
walking around a town with a ten-year hole. There's the opposite too:
not holes, but an excess of memory, extraneous foating memories
you can no longer place or identif (that did happen, but when?). You
don't know what do with that kind of memory, it gets in your way. Was
I seven, fourteen, forty? Those are the two interesting things in some
one's life, amnesias and hypermnesias.

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